February box

Superfeast — Mason’s Mushrooms Powdered Extract Blend (RRP $36.00) Rx Smart Gear — Tank/ Muscle Tee (RRP $25.00) MgLife — Organic Magnesium Oil (RRP $24.95) Keto & Ko — Vanilla Bean (RRP $29.95) At One Foods — Salted Caramel ($3.50) *due to courier issues, At One Salted Caramel bars in our February box were substituted with a mystery product. Continue reading February box

December challenge

Build to a 2RM Front Squat: Use the weightlifting belt once you get to 85% of your 1RM Max.   Weightlifting Belts are a great tool to provide extra assistance to maintaining your posture and stability when lifting heavy. However overuse can cause you to lose one of the main benefits of lifting heavy: using your midline or ‘core’ to stabilise your spine under load. … Continue reading December challenge